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How would you like to be able to identify the birds you see in your garden or at your local nature reserve?
If you are in the Leeds area, I can help you to learn at your own pace by offering one-to-one, group or classroom sessions. You can Start Birding at any time of the year.
My classes are also suitable for you if you would like to resume your hobby now that you have more time on your hands. Perhaps your family has grown up and left the nest (so to speak) or you have recently given up work. By going out with a guide you will be able to regain your confidence quickly and pick up where you left off. 
There are many ways to appreciate birds, from the casual observer to the enthusiastic “twitcher”, you decide. The main thing is that you enjoy yourself and have fun. There is always something new to learn or something different to see, no matter how many years you have been watching birds.  I'm still learning after more than 28 years!
Don't leave your binoculars behind on the table!
"Linda, or 'duckwoman' as she is affectionately known by the class of beginners I joined, helped us all to become “fully fledged” birders in March 2006 and inspired me to take-up her life-long passion.
Her knowledge and enthusiasm for her subject cannot fail to give you all the necessary information you need to help make your bird watching more successful and rewarding."
Rosie, Leeds.
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Linda Jenkinson
07778 768719
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